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Valuations: Achieving Personal Significance

By Deena Ullom August 7, 2017 by Reveal

Editor’s Note: As an organization, Reveal is committed to 10 principles first outlined by Unleash the Masterpiece, Inc. In her Valuations column, Deena Ullom explores the concepts outlined by the respective principles and how she applies them personally.

One of our principles is to Achieve Personal Significance: Accurate Self-Image — an accurate self-image based on increasing self-awareness and understanding your strengths, weaknesses, blind spots, passions, experiences and gifts.

It’s funny, if I would have read the headline of that principle, “Achieve Personal Significance,” only 10 years ago, I would have equated it only with business success and accolades, things you would put on a resume to impress. It has been a long and interesting journey for me to learn what success really is.

At the heart of it, success in life, to me, starts with an accurate self-image; in other words, truth. I’ll let you in on one of the biggest lessons I’ve learned in life: The ego is a tricky devil. It tells us huge fibs in order to cover up parts of ourselves that aren’t so great and to portray ourselves as better than we really are. We keep up this fib in order to avoid the painful truth, that we aren’t perfect, that we make mistakes, that we have a lot to improve upon, etc. The trouble with letting the ego perpetuate this fib (also called blind spots) is that we can’t improve and grow if we refuse to view ourselves honestly. The more clearly you see yourself, the more clearly you can see where you need to improve.

Further, the more clearly you see yourself, the more clearly you see others. This is vital for relationships. At our core, we all want to be seen accurately. A lot of times, we project our own issues or issues with others onto others, which keeps us from having accurate and authentic relationships with others, and therefore ourselves.

Although I’ve spent the last decade actively shedding my perfectionist ways, I’m still a work in progress; I always will be. I’ve finally embraced life not as a destination, but as a journey. The more flaws I uncover about myself, the more I get to improve and grow. The more I improve and grow, the more of a gift I can be to the world.

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