Warehouse Management & EWM

Customers expect goods faster than ever before and you are challenged with improving warehouse efficiencies and reducing costs to meet those demands.

Warehouse Management (WM) is SAP’s original warehouse management system (WMS) which is used to manage day-to-day warehousing operations. It provides inventory accuracy, material movement traceability, optimized utilization of the warehouse space, and streamlines picking and put away processes that helps simplify your supply chain’s warehousing needs.

Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) is SAP’s latest and most advanced WMS which is integrated and embedded with S/4HANA. The capability and solutions with EWM have evolved and can deliver all the great functionality WM can and a lot more.

But in order to utilize Warehouse Management or EWM to its maximum potential you must have organizational trust in the standard best practice solutions that WM and EWM can bring to your organization.

Optimizing to Implementing WM and EWM

Reveal empowers and supports organizational goals in realizing the benefits they expected from their distribution operations. Through Reveal’s approach, we provide the necessary education, change management and best practices to enable improvements in user knowledge.

With increased data integrity and configuration, aligned processes, automation, established accountability structures and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) reporting based on business objectives will provide for an optimal warehouse.

Utilizing these principles will drive the business to operational excellence, including;

  • Inbound processes (goods receipt, put away, slotting, ASN management, returns, cross docking yard management),
  • Outbound processes (picking, packing, staging, goods issue); and
  • Internal operations (resource management, labor management, production planning integration, kitting, replenishment, inventory/counting, and value-added services ).

When implementing SAP Warehouse Management/EWM applications fully optimized will provide flexible and automated support. This will assists in managing your warehouse and keep inventory at optimum levels creating a warehouse environment you can trust.

Benefits of WM or EWM

  • Improvements in process efficiency, service, and costs with correct or enhanced utilization of storage types, storage sections, palletization data, hazardous material segmentation, storage bins, control cycles, and production storage areas.
  • Warehouse capacity and automation improvements throughout correct stock placement (Put-away) and stock removal (Picking) strategies, replenishments, and capacity usages
  • Seamless and automated process integration with Production Planning for material staging of process/production orders
  • Improved inventory accuracy and material availability with cycle counting, barcode scanning and inventory method strategies
  • Enhanced visibility, service levels, and shelf life’s from managing by exception in standard SAP reports
  • Improved data to quickly identify potential inventory issues, report on warehouse productivity and make data-driven and responsive decisions.
  • Faster returns processing with integration linked to sales orders and account data ensuring inventory, financials, and orders are all updated in real-time.
  • Educated and empowered users and management team

Are you confronted with changing supply chain requirements and compliance regulations?

Reveal provides education as one of the cornerstones of how we help companies transform and sustain improvements. Warehouse Management (WM) has tremendous hidden potential to automate and streamline processes if utilized correctly and the possibilities only multiply when moving too EWM. Listen to this webinar, “Turning SAP to and ASSET by Automating Warehouse Management/EWM”.

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