Transforming What Matters

Reveal transforms SAP-centric businesses by challenging traditional thinking on the modern supply chain and revealing the hidden value through the smart use of people, processes and technology.


Our story begins with an unlikely hero, the supply chain. To some, linear and static, disruptive and unwieldy, it is the symbol of frustration. To others less jaded, it is a necessary hurdle, one to be tolerated. But to us, as studied and humble practitioners, we see beyond its pitfalls to the heart of its promise. Its intention is good, its purpose transcends — because, at its core, it delivers what we all desire: the right products, at the right place, at the right time. There is purpose in its complexity — an unbroached potential — to capture the bounty of commerce and give back to those beyond its reach — a utility for both business and benevolence.

Our Impact

"We have made significant impacts in reducing our inventory and we’ve reduced up to 15% within a single year."
-Bob Stout, VP Corporate Supply ChainCarlisle Construction Materials
"Reveal’s knowledge about SAP and about Supply Chain is outstanding. Of the consulting groups I have used over the last three years of my career, they are by far the best."
-Dave Parrish, VP Supply Chain
Blount International
"I feel good about the fact that our planners really understand thepower of the system. We brought our people to the level where they have the capability to get this work done."
-Don Westman, VP Global Operations 
Tennant Company


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