4Reveal’s Sustainability program is designed and built to help organizations that have begun their Business Maturity® Transformation journeys excel and gain momentum from their current initiatives. An organization’s ability to implement a sustainability program is critical to its success in achieving Stage 5 Maturity. At this point in the process, Reveal works closely with businesses to develop and implement the necessary sustainability elements to ensure value optimizations and solutions remain embedded and successful. As a business focuses on meeting its goals and objectives, the organization as a whole must be able support the processes and systems.

How to Sustain Success

Our Sustainability programs include:

Support on Demand™

Reveal’s Support on Demand™ (SoD) is a managed service to support users and IT alike. It offers strategic, best practices, functional and platform support driven by deliverables and not by hours. Onshore, near-shore and follow-the-sun support models are available.

The company’s total cost of ownership is improved through the use of standard best practices and by moving away from customizations. Companies that utilize outcome- or deliverable-based support models, models that focus on reducing incidents, have saved themselves as much as 30 percent on their overall support costs.

Analytics and Dashboards

Well-defined and actionable key performance indicators (KPIs) will drive significant change and improvement throughout the organization to create harmony between a company’s SAP system and its workforce. Mobile platforms are now bringing information to the hands of decision-makers through secure and efficient means, ensuring that SAP-centric metrics, KPIs and process performance measures are able to track the ongoing improvement of the supply chain and the organization’s overall transformation in real time.

Sustainability Program

Through this program, Reveal provides ongoing education, new employee on-boarding and value monitoring, which may include periodic visits over an extended period of time to evaluate progress, monitor benefits and identify further improvement opportunities. Reveal offers a three-tier oVo™ Certification program to ensure ongoing user development and organizational alignment to the functions necessary to be a Stage 5 Maturity supply chain.