3Reveal’s oVo™ Transformation Process is a holistic approach to reach sustainable benefits and targets within your organization. Based on your assessment results and roadmap, the Transformation Process will take on various forms, but changing behavior, setting measures and implementing best practices across the whole corporation are the most critical elements in achieving a high degree of Business Maturity® with inherent sustainability.

The Transformation process is focused on ongoing value identification, applying business rules to meet the business goals and leaving users with a true end-to-end understanding and enhanced user experience. While driving these elements, the process typically will follow the following phases:

Phase One — Preparation and Baselining

Within the Preparation Phase, the goals are clearly communicated to all stakeholders with kick-off sessions and ongoing scheduling and logistic preparation. In addition the overall scope is validated and the baseline measures are set.

Phase Two — Business Engagement / Blueprint

The focus areas defined in the Assessment are aligned with individuals executing those functions, and a workshop matrix is developed to ensure inclusion of each individual in workshop sessions. The outcome of this phase to ensure that the relevant knowledge has been sufficiently transferred to the stakeholders, functional designs (blueprints) are completed and the team is ready for realization.

Phase Three — Realization

The Realization Phase is the largest phase of the project. At this point, all the opportunity areas have been defined, designed and confirmed. The stakeholders have been educated in the best practices, new functionality (if relevant) and the new processes. The realization of the transformation program begins with organizational and governance structures defined, new processes being utilized, new practices being applied and new measures being tracked.

Phase Four — Verification

During the Verification Phase, the management team will be involved to validate that the ongoing results and objectives have been achieved. Additionally, it is critical within this phase to ensure that the complete value creation exercise will continue to add continued benefit to business. Upon completion of this phase, it will be determined if any additional areas require attention, to achieve further value within the business.