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Chemical businesses must stay ahead of the curve in order to flourish by continuously innovating their offerings, techniques, and strategies. This is the only way to guarantee sustainable success and achievement.

Chemical companies are taking on the risk of their products becoming commoditized and seeing their margins shrink in the process of continuously innovating their offerings. To keep up with the trends and stay ahead of the market, they must use digital technologies and guarantee data integrity. This is difficult since there are intricate recipes to keep track of and a plethora of active ingredients to monitor. Furthermore, to reduce the risk of disruption, the supply chains must be distributed, and regulatory requirements are pushing for better product traceability and hazardous material tracking. It is no wonder why the heads of the industry are worried.

Can SAP Effectively Support Chemical Companies in Tackling These Challenges?

SAP has the capabilities to guarantee the reliability of master data, allow detailed production processes with complete accountability, improve inventories, keep up with sophisticated supplier associations, recognize and respond to disturbances straight away, and augment supply chain flexibility; all while reducing the need for manual labor and spreadsheets.

Reveal has a strong background in utilizing best practices for the chemical industry. We go beyond just SAP to deliver top-notch change management to make sure your team adopts an integration attitude to completely synchronize business processes across departments. Our teaching and enablement technique has been used to generate improvements in areas such as demand and supply planning, multi-sourcing, procurement automation, production planning and scheduling, tank capacity and hazardous materials management, material requirements planning (MRP), and inventory optimization.

Given the increasing demand for digital transformation, taking advantage of SAP software and cultivating an integrative attitude in the team to promote suppleness in the supply chain will give a dependable base for future expansion.

The impact of the digital transformation of the world we live in is undeniable. We can observe how it has drastically altered our everyday lives in many ways. From the way we communicate with one another, to how we shop, work, and learn, technology has changed the way we do things. It is now virtually impossible to ignore the effects of digitalization.

Success Stories

See what some of your industry peers have achieved and how Reveal has enabled their success.

SAP Chemical Industry


  • Saved $53M in end-to-end supply chain working capital
  • Reduced inventory by over 39% and improved inventory turns by 38%
  • Increased material availability throughout the supply chain to 97.8%
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Buckman Chemical


  • Reduced overall supply chain exceptions and inefficiencies by 53%
  • Increased demand signal accuracy by 96% 
  • Optimized 84% of average value of targeted raw materials



How can SAP be utilized by the Chemical Industry to optimize business processes and achieve better results?

SAP and S/4HANA Insights

Understanding SAP best practices in the Chemical Industry will ensure maximum benefits and return on investment. Explores how to align SAP functionalities with the specific needs and challenges of the Chemical Industry, such as managing complex supply chains, ensuring regulatory compliance, and improving operational efficiency.


How does SAP software benefit the Chemical Industry in terms of operational efficiency?

SAP and S/4HANA Insights

SAP benefits the Chemical Industry enhances operational efficiency by streamlining processes and optimizing inventory management, leading to improved productivity and cost savings. It enables the Chemical Industry to operate more efficiently, meet regulatory requirements, and maintain a competitive edge in a dynamic and highly regulated industry.


How does SAP help Chemical Industries keep regulatory compliance and Manage complex regulations?

SAP and S/4HANA Insights

SAP software plays a crucial role in helping Chemical Industries maintain regulatory compliance and manage complex regulations. By leveraging SAP software, they can enhance their regulatory compliance efforts, minimize risks, and maintain a strong reputation in the industry. It provides the necessary tools and functionalities to navigate the complex regulatory landscape, ensuring adherence to compliance requirements and avoiding penalties and legal issues.

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