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To Ensure Sustainable Growth and Performance, Chemical Companies Must Constantly Innovate and Adapt Their Products, Processes, and Business Models

As chemical companies increasingly work to innovate their offerings at the risk of commoditization and margin erosion, leveraging the latest digital technologies to spot trends and stay ahead of market demands; data integrity becomes increasingly important. Managing the complex recipes and tracking the large number of active ingredients involved is a major challenge. Couple this with the need for more distributed supply chains to minimize the risk of disruption and growing regulatory requirements driving the need for improved product traceability and hazardous material tracking, and we can understand what keeps leaders in the industry up at night.  

Can SAP Help Chemical Industries Manage This Complexity?

It absolutely can! SAP has all the tools to ensure master data integrity, enable complex production processes with full traceability, optimize inventories, manage complex supplier relationships, quickly identify and react to disruptions, and increase supply chain agility; all while minimizing manual work arounds and reliance on spreadsheets.

Reveal has deep expertise and experience in applying best practices to manage the complexities of the chemical industry. Our education and enablement approach has delivered improvements in the areas of demand and supply planning, multi-sourcing, procurement automation, production planning and scheduling, tank capacity and hazardous materials management, material requirements planning (MRP), and inventory optimization. Beyond SAP, we deliver world-class change management to ensure your team embraces an integration mindset to fully align business processes across functions.  

As the need for digital transformation grows by the day, embracing the power of your SAP solution and fostering an integration mindset in your team to drive supply chain agility will provide a rock-solid foundation for future growth.

Success Stories

See what some of your industry peers have achieved and how Reveal has enabled their success.
SAP Chemical Industry


  • Saved $53M in end-to-end supply chain working capital
  • Reduced inventory by over 39% and improved inventory turns by 38%
  • Increased material availability throughout the supply chain to 97.8%
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Buckman Chemical


  • Reduced overall supply chain exceptions and inefficiencies by 53%
  • Increased demand signal accuracy by 96% 
  • Optimized 84% of average value of targeted raw materials

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