As supply chain experts we use our vast experience and proven methods educating and
empowering organizations to use powerful capabilities already built in SAP.

Transforming What Matters

What We Do

Reveal transforms SAP-centric supply chain-driven businesses to run better. Whether it’s optimizing supply chain performance or implementing additional SAP functionality, our focus is helping organizations continually improve internal business processes, educate users and deploy the smart use of SAP to achieve value targets. By challenging and transforming the way people think and operate, we help users move away from being transactionally driven and move towards information-users that manage the process and understand the information provided to them achieving improvements in service, cost, and inventory performance.

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How We Do It

Our ongoing Value optimization® (oVo®) is a proven, internationally validated, value-driven business methodology we follow to help clients leverage SAP functionality to make better, more informed business decisions. As value chain advisors and practitioners who understand how to leverage SAP to its fullest capabilities, we combine wisdom, business smarts, technical expertise, and artful precision to uncover exciting opportunities and optimize the performance of supply chains. We take an iterative approach to improving supply chain performance transferring knowledge and establishing accountability structures into the organization to ensure user behavior is aligned with best business practice.

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Why We Do What We Do

Our mission is to use our knowledge of the supply chain as an indispensable link toward commercial success and social good. Every Reveal employee shares in this mission and is empowered to find the hidden value in our client’s operations and organizations they support. A portion of our profits goes to helping children in need receive the supplies they so often lack — food, water, shelter, education and solace. Realizing the potential of the supply chain is what we do. Improving lives is why we do it.

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Proven Results

We have had the privilege of helping many organizations achieve real value through the smart use of SAP. Our experience has taken us across many industries and various supply chains. The common thread among all these organizations is that they achieved tangible and sustainable ROI increases from the technology they already owned, SAP. Benefits from our programs include inventory turns improvement by at least 17%, reduction of inventory by at least 15%, process efficiency gains of at least 20%, improved data integrity, and visibility across the whole supply chain and more. Contact us to learn how we can help you transform your operations.

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