Buckman Chemical

Improving Operational Efficiencies Using SAP More Effectively

Buckman Chemical

We had a very specific objective to improve operational efficiencies and utilization of SAP was a key component of this strategy. We are very pleased with what the transformation process brought to us.

General Manager Operations

Buckman Chemical is a privately held, ISO-certified, global specialty chemical company. Their products and chemical services are utilized in various industries including pulp & paper, biofuels, leather, water treatment and more.


Limited use of SAP to effectively manage an integrated supply chain affecting operating costs, inventory performance and ability to scale efficiently.

  • Partial use of demand management and visibility across the supply chain
  • Inadequate use of standard production planning tools
  • Rising raw material and finished goods inventory
  • Lack of visibility of inventory in warehouse and non-optimal warehouse management practices
  • Frustrated users, lack of trust in the data and excessive manual processes
  • Limited use of MRP generated requirements for manufacturing and procurement
  • SAP reporting functionality not being utilized to support business and process performance KPI’s
  • Work center capacity leveling not being done
  • Production sequencing being done in spreadsheets SOLUTIONS
  • Supply chain transformation utilizing Reveal’s oVo® methodology focused on optimizing inventory, capacity and production planning, demand management and warehouse material flows to support improving service levels
  • Education for demand planners, buyers, production planners, schedulers, shop floor, and management on existing SAP tools
  • Education on SAP Available to Promise functionality
  • Education on managing master data to align with business rules
  • Established ownership and accountability of master data
  • Improved communication and process alignment across the supply chain to support strategic initiatives
  • Established Storage Bin Capacity process in SAP to drive automation of put away activities
  • Education on Shelf Life End Date (SLED) management processes
  • Established Governance with KPI’s in alignment with strategic business performance measures

BENEFITS (Within 6mo.)

  • Reduced overdue Demand Elements by 85%
  • Reduced overdue Supply Elements by 97%
  • Reduced negative days of supply by 66%
  • Reduced supply chain exceptions by 67%
  • Improved visibility of forecasts and impacts to the supply plan
  • Empowered business users to change rules (master data)
  • Production Planners utilizing detailed scheduling tools in SAP
  • Optimized production line capacity, throughput rates and sequencing
  • Increased schedule attainment and production efficiency
  • Implemented replenishment strategies for raw materials and finished goods
  • Activated ATP (Available to Promise)
  • Aligned KPI’s to business objectives


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