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We help supply chain organizations utilize SAP to improve service levels, increase profitability, optimize inventory, and drive operational efficiencies. Ultimately, enabling them to utilize their SAP system for digital innovation and industry leadership.

One of the most strategic and complex investments companies make is implementing SAP to help improve efficiencies, increase productivity, reduce operating costs and support business growth. However, we have found most companies struggle to achieve the expected outcomes and return on investment during an SAP implementation, often reverting back to fragile spreadsheets to manage their increasingly complex and dynamic supply chain operations. This situation leads to unnecessary frustration, cost and risk.

Working with clients we identify areas contributing most to their supply chain underperformance, then drive an integrated approach encompassing people, process and the smart use of SAP to drive optimization.

While typical SAP implementations focus predominantly on only getting the transactions to work, Reveal’s methodology focuses on continually improving internal processes, educating team members, and optimizing the use of their current SAP system to achieve value targets. To help organization’s reach higher levels of Business Maturity®, Reveal has developed a methodology called ongoing VALUE optimization® or oVo®. It is a proven, internationally validated, value-driven business method to help clients implement or optimize their SAP system.


Let’s identify the areas that can most impact your supply chain

Success Stories

Our experience has taken us across many industries and various supply chains. These are our stories.

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