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Evolve Manufacturing With the Smart Use of SAP

Innovation in Manufacturing that Is Sustainable

Supply chains were already challenged before COVID-19, then suddenly issues like flexibility, resiliency and transparency were taken to new levels as manufacturers dealt with the reality of significant disruptions.

For many manufacturers the speed and magnitude of the disruptions exposed their supply chain planning and operations. New suppliers, new manufacturing models, and new demands. Suddenly, manufacturers had to source, certify and onboard new suppliers, seek greater supplier transparency, and manage fluctuating demand and supply in real time.

Can all this complexity be effectively, efficiently, and dynamically managed in SAP without spreadsheets and manual workarounds?

Yes. SAP is designed to handle the complexities of the Manufacturing industry and Reveal has deep industry expertise and experience applying best practices to help Manufacturing organizations. Our education and enablement approach has brought improvements in the areas of Supply Chain Management, Maintaining Inventory, Capacity Constraints, Labor Shortage, and Embracing New Technology.

Consumer preferences and expectations will continuously change. Embracing these changes and implementing an agile supply chain with SAP is a method for success already taken by a number of Reveal clients.

Success Stories

See what some of your industry peers have achieved and how Reveal has enabled their success.
GE Current

GE Current

  • 23% average inventory reduction of active materials
  • 31% inventory turns improvement
  • 18% reduction in obsolete inventory
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  • Schedule attainment for the aggregate Sanford Plant rose from 59% to 93%
  • 25% reduction in WIP
  • Year over year cycle count adjustment improvements of 55% Reduced Scrap
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Johnsonville Success Story

Global Supplier of Test, Simulation & Measurement Systems

  • Reduced Overdue Demand Elements by 77%
  • Optimized 23% of average value of targeted component & sub-assembly inventory
  • Aligned platform for transition to S/4HANA
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What is the Production Planning Cycle in SAP?

SAP Production Planning (SAP PP) is the component of ERP Central Component (ECC) that helps businesses plan the manufacturing, sale and distribution of goods.

What Is “Work Center” in SAP PP and What Is the Use of Data in Work Centers?

“Work Centers” are business objects in SAP-PP that is used in task list operations (routings, maintenance task lists, inspection plans) and work orders. Data in work center is used for Scheduling, Costing, Capacity Planning and simplifying operation maintenance.

How Are MRP Groups Used Effectively for Product Planning?

A materials requirement planning group can help a company manage its materials, organize them using specific parameters and plan for how they can be used for business products. When the parameters are successful, they help increase the production speed and productivity of products.

Next Step

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