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Optimized Inventory, Capacity and Production Planning

Global Supplier of Test, Simulation & Measurement Systems provides industry-leading testing and sensing solutions to researchers, product developers and manufacturers worldwide. Their products, services and unrivaled expertise allow customers to develop higher-quality products faster and more efficiently, optimizing the performance and reliability of everything from automobiles and aircraft to bridges and buildings to construction equipment and more.


  • Long lead times to market
  • Rising raw material and finished good inventory
  • Inventory strategies and master data not aligned
  • Frustrated users and excessive manual processes and workarounds (Excel spreadsheets)
  • Master data settings not aligned with business processes
  • MRP and its support of purchasing automation not understood
  • Lack of trust in the system leading to ineffective use of MRP generated requirements for manufacturing and procurement
  • SAP reporting functionality not being utilized to support business and process performance KPI’s


  • Supply chain transformation utilizing Reveal’s oVo® methodology across 5 value streams (MM, SD, PP, PS, WM)
  • Focused on optimizing inventory, capacity and production planning to support improving service levels and reduce lead time to market
  • Education for demand planners, buyers, production planners, schedulers, shop floor, and management on existing SAP tools, including Available to Promise functionality and managing master data to align with business rules
  • Deployed production capacity, scheduling, planning and dispatching strategies using SAP as the system of record
  • Improved communication and process alignment across the supply chain to support strategic initiatives
  • Established Process Aligned Teams (PATs) to address daily supply chain challenges identified through the oVo® process


  • Reduced average inventory value by 6%
  • Reduced Overdue Demand Elements by 77%
  • Reduced Overdue Supply Elements by  24%
  • Reduced Red Lights (potential service  level disruption) by 40%
  • Reduced Exception Messages by 18%
  • Optimized 23% of average value of targeted component and sub-assembly  Inventory, including known supply risk materials
  • Deployed Lighthouse® to enable quick  and easy tracking of supply chain health  measures, inventory optimization, schedule attainment and on-time, in full  KPI’s
  • Deployed Action Tracker, a continuous improvement tool, to track and give visibility of required interventions to  improve supply chain performance
  • Production Planning and scheduling for  2 production lines in an ETO environment, eliminating complex spreadsheet planning
  • Implemented ATP (Available to Promise)
  • Educated and empowered users and  management team• Simplification and standardization of procurement processes
  • Supported design of new DC warehouse
  • Aligned platform for transition to S/4HANA


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