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Let Wine & Spirits Flow With the Smart Use of SAP

SAP Supply Chain Solutions for Wine and Spirits Industry

Let Wine & Spirits Flow: Technology Enablement in Decision Making is Key to Making the Best Use of Limited Resources

The beauty in the craftsmanship, the homage to history, legacy and tradition: the Wine and Spirits industry brings together art and craftsmanship passed from generation to generation, continued innovation and an inspiring blend of artisan tools and cutting edge technology.

At every stage of planning and production, this industry is a study in prioritization and the maximization of limited resources, all bound by the complexity of safety, sustainability and regulatory compliance. It is always a conversation of not only what could be done but what should be done. Shifting consumer preferences and appetites, the love of mother nature and what she offers, labor constraints and the challenge of supply diversification to alleviate risks and bottlenecks are all at the fore of the folks who strive hard to keep the Wine and Spirits flowing.  

Is it possible that SAP can really provide a conduit for the kind of process and data flow that support effective, action oriented decision-making. Can SAP truly act as one single source of truth for our folks to rally around?

Yes. The Wine and Spirits Industry may seem a bit niche in terms of requirements. The great news is that SAP offers both a robust and flexible toolkit to support the uniqueness of such a well-crafted business. We know transparency and visibility are essential to success, and by empowering our people with the smart use of technology, we reduce process disruptions, turn our strategy into realistic plans for execution, and bring folks along in harmony.  As we think of our opportunity to scale, we must recognize the value of human capital and smart, data driven decisions.

Backed by best practices and a framework for scale and sustainable growth, SAP enables the Wine and Spirit supply chain to flow.  Rather than acting as an after thought of Record and Report, SAP should be a vital enabler to make our strategies a reality.

Success Stories

See what some of your industry peers have achieved and how Reveal has enabled their success.

Wine & Spirits Industry

Delicato Family Wines

  • Reduced Overdue Demand Elements by 96%
  • Reduced Overdue Supply Elements by 95%
  • Reduced Red Lights (potential service level disruption) by 90%
  • Reduced Exception Messages by 53%
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Success Stories

Trinchero Family Estates

  • Overdue MRP Demand Elements: Down 89.9% In Materials
  • Exceptions in Finished Goods Down 75.8% Overdue MRP
  • Finished Goods Slow Moving Stock: Down 48.2%
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What Is the Best Way to Manage More Strategic Partners as Co-packer in SAP?

SAP and S/4HANA Insights

SAP has several different options for working with subcontracting/external processing.  Most folks know about the subcontracting purchase order but depending on your needs, it may be time to evolve the process in SAP.  SAP has the ability to handle direct delivery to the subcontractor, seamlessly manage replenishment transfers from plant to subcontractor and even to differentiate the planning parameters or store safety stock at that co-packer!


How Can We Manage Material Constraints in Our Supply Base (Especially Glass), When We Are Working With Multiple Suppliers?

SAP and S/4HANA Insights

SAP has robust functionality to support your multi-sourcing needs and keep everything neat and tidy.  It does require some time spent on setup and understanding of how to use the tools- but the upfront effort pays dividends.


What Are the Levels at Which a Batch Number Can Be Configured?

SAP and S/4HANA Insights

A batch number can be configured at several different levels: client level, plant level, and material level.

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