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It Is…Has Been… and Forever Shall Be: All about FLOW.

Where there is a will, there is a way. The last few years at Trinchero Family Estates faced challenges that likely feel familiar to many organizations, supply chains and people around the globe. They are a case study in weathering the supply chain storm, coming together in the face of adversity and pursuing growth, health, sustainability and innovation. Looking at the challenges that were sitting in front of them, recognition for the prioritization of an investment in people, culture, technology enablement and sustainable supply chain practices is well deserved.

The Challenge: It Is…Has Been… and Forever Shall Be: All about FLOW.
In the face of monumental disruptions: How could we work together to ease the time and effort required to have a data driven conversation that would drive decisions that would in turn, drive actions that would  flow across the cross functional teams that make up the supply chain organization? Technology enablement and a single source of truth loomed large to empower the kind of information flow needed to allow for collaborative problem solving and action oriented decision making.  Like many of us, the team lacked education on the tools they had in hand, which in turn resulted in a lack of technology enablement.  The ineffective flow of information impeded the flow of materials. The team was moving processes forward through massive efforts of time and energy!

The Remedy: Education, A New Toolkit, and A Governance Framework That Thrives
Working together, we set out to increase service levels, operating efficiencies, data integrity and cross functional communication. Using our oVo® methodology, new learnings  and governance processes became deeply embedded into the culture and adopted as the “Trinchero Way”.  

Organizational challenges led to pursuing sustainable improvements in:

  • Flow Velocity – information in SAP, decision making, insights to action, material availability, customer communications, continuous improvements
  • Up Skilling – reduce non-value-added work for their team members, automating with SAP,     allowing team members to focus their skills directly to activities that add value
  • Collaboration/Integration – leverage the value of the teams beginning to work from one single source of truth (SAP), focusing on data integrity and proactive exception monitoring
  • Improve utilization of SAP capabilities, data, reporting and analytics for planning and decision making

The Secret Sauce:
Motivated team members that are committed to the business, the process and one another using trustworthy data to identify and address breakdowns in flow. Daily sessions with team members, ensures there is an opportunity to speak and resolve issues effecting the business of the day as well as larger challenges that require inputs and decisions from leadership. The benefits of data housekeeping, effective master data aligned with new processes, and proactive exception management, has been hard earned. Not only did the team need the support of a proven methodology, they also needed to spend the time and energy to apply the new knowledge and tools to realize sustainable value. At Trinchero Family Estates, the customer is at the fore of every conversation- and the data driven actions support keeping the supply chain humming and the wine flowing.

Overdue MRP Demand Elements: Down 89.9%
Overdue MRP Supply Elements: Down 96.6%
Red Lights: Down 66.5%
Slow Moving Stock: Down 10%

Exceptions: Down 75.8% Overdue MRP
Supply Elements: Down 98.4%
Red Lights: Down 58.5%
Slow Moving Stock: Down 48.2%


2.9million feet of picking distance saved to date, the equivalent of 5,280KWH and 9,404 miles of on road driving 


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