Business Maturity

How mature is your supply chain?

oVo Methodology


How do you know if you are fully leveraging your investment in SAP?  Business Maturity®, a benchmark developed by Reveal, measures your organization’s ability to meet and exceed business goals by leveraging the SAP investment it has in place. A supply chain-oriented organization, such as a manufacturer, with a high maturity rating, has proven its ability to use and leverage SAP’s integrated capability to drive change and ongoing transformation to meet its evolving business goals. In essence, they have the ability to be a very agile organization and responsive supply chain. An organization with a lower maturity rating underutilizes its SAP system capabilities, typically they are very dependent on spreadsheets and other tools to run their business at a significantly higher cost than a higher rated Business Maturity organization.

BusinessMaturity® Continuum

How Does Your Supply Chain Measure Up?

Take the Business Maturity® Self Assessment

Knowing where you are on the Business Maturity® continuum is elemental in knowing what steps you need to take to get to Level 5. Reveal offers a formal Assessment that provides an in-depth analysis of your processes and system capability relevant to your business and provides a series of recommendations and a roadmap to achieving Level 5.  

However, for a quick reference point, feel free to take this free online self-assessment, that takes approximately five minutes to complete and provides a high-level picture of your company’s effectiveness in managing key areas at every level in the continuum.

Your ascension to level 5 on the Business Maturity® depends on many factors: trust in the data and in the processes, collaboration, and business rules that align with business behavior. Using Reveal’s ongoing oVo® methodology will get you there faster.

Start by taking the Self-Assessment to understand where your organization rates on the Business Maturity® scale.


Take our Business Maturity® Self-Assessment. This tool determines how well an organization meets and exceeds its business goals by leveraging SAP.