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What Makes Automating the Process of Procurement and MRP Essential?

Automating Procurement & Material Requirement Planning (MRP) to increase efficiencies, optimize inventory performance, and improve production and scheduling is not only possible in today’s VUCA environment, it’s a must. Organizations that leverage SAP automated procurement, MRP and sourcing functionality are able to decrease manual intervention by 50% or more.  

Using SAP to automate and accurately plan Procurement & MRP yields numerous advantages. By managing material availability through automation, procurement managers can promote higher efficiency while cutting costs

To win with MRP mandates a balance between demand and supply, a lack of exception notifications requiring resolution, and accurate dates that reflect the abilities of the supply chain.

To grasp the optimization benefits derived from Procurement & MRP efficiencies, organizations must commit to utilizing best practice, effectively leverage SAP and align business behavior and business rules. Leveraging SAP includes an understanding of how master data drives MRP rules, presents exceptions when there is a potential breakdown and empowers process performance and analysis.

With this understanding, inventory needs can be determined in advance, materials procured systemically, products produced to meet forecasted needs, and every step of the process producing predictable outcomes that can be measured. When used optimally, automated Procurement & MRP leads to higher levels of efficiencies and the most favorable utilization of manufacturing and production resources along with decreased inventory levels and capital cost.

How Does Procurement & MRP Processes Work?

When an educated team follows the right processes and utilizes the tools and trusted data, the entire Procurement & MRP process flows end-to-end like a well-oiled machine with real-time data enabling effective decision-making, reporting, and monitoring of supply chain performance.

Procurement and production planning teams can focus on exceptions to what’s needed and when it’s needed, gaining visibility into lead times, optimizing raw material usage and stocking levels, reducing lead times and improving product and service levels. 

Challenges When Automating Procurement & MRP

Organizations that do not take the initiative to center their operations around the SAP system and utilize its standard features often find themselves immersed in a lot of manual work and "touching" each purchase request (PR) and purchase order (PO). This heavy reliance on spreadsheets and manual processes heightens the probability of errors, a lack of visibility in the supply chain, and no insight-to-action capacity.

In this situation, discontent is usually caused by a deficiency of mechanization, accountability, and stewardship. Poor time commitments result in a decrease in collaborative bargaining, a lack of exploration for different sources, and an ill-usage of materials. This is not surprising, as lead time, the duration of procurement, and supplier expenses augment.

What Is the Advantages of Procurement & MRP?

In today's quickly progressing atmosphere, becoming more proficient through mechanization and overseeing materials dependent on continuous data is essential for an adaptable inventory network. Reveal's value-driven methodology technique shows organizations how to set up programmed obtaining forms and use MRP to accomplish quantifiable outcomes. By setting up adjusted part sizes, planning understandings, inclusion profiles and different systems inside SAP, organizations will start to understand the genuine prizes of a nimble, proficient inventory network.

Whether it’s optimizing supply chain performance or implementing additional SAP functionality, Reveal encourages organizations to focus on data-users who can control and comprehend the process, which leads to increased agility, service, cost, and inventory performance. Moreover, the company provides training and guidance to help organizations fully benefit from the smart use of SAP for long-term value.



Can Dual Sourcing Be Set Up in SAP?

SAP and S/4HANA Insights

Yes, SAP provides a robust framework for implementing and managing dual sourcing in your organization. By leveraging its functionalities, you can effectively diversify your supply chain, mitigate risks associated with single sourcing, and maximize the benefits of working with multiple suppliers.


How Do I Automate Creating Purchase Orders (POs) in SAP?

SAP and S/4HANA Insights

Creating Purchase Orders (POs) in SAP can be automated, provided that certain pre-requisites are met and the necessary master data settings are in place. This automation process can streamline your procurement processes and save you time and effort.


How Can I Improve MRP Effectiveness in SAP?

SAP and S/4HANA Insights

Ensure that materials are properly set up with accurate master data and demand forecasts are regularly updated. Address exceptions promptly and adjust planning parameters as needed. Regularly monitor MRP reports and foster collaboration within your organization. By following these tips, you can enhance MRP effectiveness in SAP and optimize your supply chain operations.

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