oVo® Methodology

We utilize the oVo® Methodology to drive value

OVO Methodology

How Do We Increase Organization’s Business Maturity

The ongoing VALUE optimization or oVo® methodology is fundamental to how we go to market and partner with clients. Organizations that are unable to leverage the integrated capability of SAP will be slow to react to changing market conditions and will operate at a low Business Maturity level.

Developed by Reveal, oVo® is a proven, internationally validated, value-driven business methodology we follow to help clients implement or optimize SAP to improve business performance. The oVo methodology works to navigate the challenges that companies typically face by defining a roadmap that clearly demonstrates the business value they will achieve along the way. Embedded in this roadmap are change management elements that ensure transformation happens throughout the organization from the start. Additionally, while typical SAP implementations focus predominantly on getting the transactions to work, the oVo methodology focuses on helping organizations optimize the system’s functionality and utility to make better, more informed decisions.

oVo®’s three-phase approach empowers businesses in a very practical way to turn their SAP investment into a business asset.

The oVo’s three-phase approach empowers businesses in a very practical way to move people’s behavior toward business value.

The first step is the Assess phase to address the challenge of “we don’t know what we don’t know”. This phase provides a benchmark as to where your organization resides on the Business Maturity® Continuum while providing a road map for improvement and a business case for change.

The Transformation phase consists of optimizing processes and data through education, utilizing or implementing standard SAP capabilities and establishing KPI's to measure cross functional performance.

Finally, the third phase, Sustain, is comprised of reinforcement, continuous improvement and further education in the smart use of SAP.

By using the power of SAP’s integrated processes, standard functionality and actionable KPI’s to measure the improving performance at an individual level on a daily basis, organizations are able to achieve greater value from their invest in SAP.

3 Phases

Successful implementation of the oVo® approach is achieved in these three phases.