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The Reveal Team

Bad SAP utilization has real costs. Supply Chains falter, companies struggle - and employees learn to live with second-best. Reveal helps companies solve those utilization problems, so they find the value in their SAP Supply Chains. They don't falter then. They fly. But here's the thing: That kind of transformation isn't easy. Reveal strengthens companies by empowering their employees. We don't install, we don't implement, we don't recode - we educate.

Reveal resolves SAP problems by spending more time at the whiteboard than the keyboard.

And it works.

And if you think that sounds exciting, maybe you should work for us.

Software Problem.
Human Solution.

We don't implement SAP or deliver additional coding. We're not in IT, software design or systems integration. Our clients have done all those things already.

We transform people and Supply Chains. We uncover usage problems, then educate and engage. Our work educates and empowers people.

A Company that
Invests in You

We believe we can't support our clients well without supporting one another, too. So our team members work with personal development coaches, practice radical honesty and build mutual trust. We're not just pushing individual performance; we're growing together.

The result is a company culture unlike any other. A position at Reveal means hard work. But it doesn't mean high stress.

The Agency to
Make Real Change

Our clients buy in at the highest level of leadership. They pay well for our help and they comit fully to our approach.

That means when you work for Reveal, you'll have authority, resources and support. You'll get traction. And you'll see results.

You're doing the right thing in the wrong place

Most of our team members start by solving SAP Supply Chain challenges at other companies. They've got at least 15 years of hands-on experience working with SAP, and they've cultivated expertise in various Supply Chain processes. In-depth knowledge lets them efficiently navigate complex Supply Chain processes and optimize operations for maximum efficiency. How do they use that expertise? They put it all to work to root out dysfunction and improve performance in their own employer's use of SAP.

Which doesn't usually work.

And that's frustrating. Most internal problem-solvers lack the team support and leadership buy-in they need to truly fix the company's habits around SAP. Change takes commitment - and if you're striving to solve your company's problems, but you're disempowered and under-resourced, you won't get there. You won't get transformation.

That's discouraging - but there is a better way. Some companies do transform their Supply Chain results. They change, uncovering new financial strength and becoming healthier, better places for employees to work.

Those are the companies that hire Reveal.

You can make a difference. (Just not on your own.)

How familiar is the story above?

If you've tried to diagnose and fix an SAP company's Supply Chain problems, you already know how challenging it can be. And if you're doing it as an internal employee or an independent consultant, you know something else: it's lonely.

You don't get to specialize as much as you might like. Progress is slow. There's not much traction or much chance to celebrate. Diagnosing and resolving SAP utilization problems on your own feels like moving a mountain with a spoon.

Imagine doing it with a team. Imagine doing diagnosing the core of a company's problems in a week, then teaching and working alongside that company's employees for nine months and seeing results. Imagine working, learning and processing alongside SAP experts who are waist-deep in this project, just like you are. Imagine you've got their back. And they've got yours.

Imagine having the green light to do what it takes. Imagine playing new roles, discovering new solutions, specializing in new areas of expertise. Imagine shifting your career back out of neutral. Imagine you love what you do.

Now imagine working for Reveal.

Can you? Because we're growing - fast. And that means we need qualified help. We need you.
You might need us, too.

Job Benefits

Growth Environment

Take on new roles. Contribute in new ways. Expand professionally.

Profit Sharing

Competitive salary. Health and retirement. Volunteer time. Unlimited PTO.

Travel & Remote

Work throughout the US and internationally. Alternate weekly between client offices and remote.

Job Qualifications

  • 15 years progressive SAP experience
  • Specific expertise in areas of SAP like Order to Cash, Procure to Pay, Plan to Make and Warehouse Management
  • At least 10 years of working in Supply Chain
  • Strategic thinker
  • Strong communications and interpersonal skills

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