SAP Supply Chain Optimization

Creating a Sustainable Approach to Supply Chain Optimization

SAP Supply Chain Optimization
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How To Optimize Your SAP Supply Chain?

One of the most strategic and complex investments companies make is implementing SAP to help them run and scale their businesses. We have found most companies struggle to achieve the return on investment (ROI) they expected during an SAP implementation, often reverting back to working in spreadsheets, high levels of manual processes, lack of trust in the data, and constantly firefighting service level breakdowns.

The strength of SAP lies in its integrated nature. When spreadsheets, third-party tools, or other outside-the-system behavior is introduced, this breaks down the end-to-end integration of SAP and the value of the investment.  

We enable companies to achieve the return on investment they expected during the original SAP implementation — in a sustainable and self-funding manner. Our methodology can be applied in various functional areas of the SAP environment but always in context of the broader, end-to-end supply chain of the business.

This SAP optimization approach empowers businesses in a very practical and tangible way to move people’s behavior toward business value. By using the power of integrated processes, business rules (master data), standard reports and analytics tools, managing by exception and the smart use of SAP capabilities to improve efficiencies, service levels, inventory levels performance and decision making will create value in the business.

By integrating education and change management into our optimization approach developing critical thinking by team members. With the belief that the SAP system is owned by the business area (with IT support), we promote an environment that is aligned with best practices and SAP (as much as possible) and is usable and understandable to the team members involved.

To ensure the organization integrates as the SAP system does, Reveal helps establish cross-functional team concepts where people work together to drive improvements into the business using the system and measuring operational KPIs.

Our success is a result of helping organizations become more agile and knowledgeable by transforming how they utilize SAP as a catalyst to improve operational performance including:  

  • Accepting SAP as a way of doing business and not just a data repository or financial system
  • Establishing accurate and real-time information through an education immersion approach
  • Becoming exception-focused (proactive) rather than “everything” focused (reactive)
  • Utilizing master data to manage the business while preventing conflicting business rules
  • Leveraging data as an organizational asset by establishing business ownership and accountability structures
  • Setting KPIs and continuous improvement targets that align business value and drive behavior change

Based on 25 years of successes, our clients have experienced significant business gains:

  • Reduction of inventory by at least 15%
  • Improvement of turns by at least 17%
  • Improvement of service levels by at least 20%
  • Increased process efficiency by at least 20% 
  • Reduction of operation cost by at least 10% 
  • Shorter month-end closings

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