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A Comprehensive Framework for Delivering Change

People, processes and the smart use of SAP

Wayne Thomas

Your SAP ERP system provides decision-driving high-performance analytics that personal information systems (aka. spreadsheets) don’t.

All this is not to say that spreadsheets don’t have their place. They still offer value for ad hoc analysis and the visualization of data. They can even be linked with advanced digital solutions. But for organizations experiencing a data explosion and seeking a cost-efficient path forward for accelerated growth, an SAP solution combined with educated users goes far beyond merely containing data, and provides easily interpretable insights that transform supply chains to run better.

Opportunities Gained From a Single Source of the Truth

The ability to interact within a single source of truth makes it possible to move beyond the “what ifs” and enable complex analyses, forecasts, and creative retooling of data to transform what matters.As business growth, changes, and regulatory responsibilities increase — along with the complexity of analytical demands — reliable data insights become murky, and far-reaching decisions are delayed. Every minute you hesitate means another minute of opportunity that can be seized by a competitor. Digital transformation through the integration of people, processes, and the smart use of SAP can revolutionize organizational decision-making and mindsets. It can, for example, be a catalyst in helping companies react nimbly to inflation factors, a change in supplier rates, a revision in policy or operational practice, or an updated minimum/maximum threshold. And it can result in increased visibility and tracking, improved management decision making, increased market flexibility, service level improvements, optimized inventory and cost reduction. All these are marks of an exception minded, change-driven, supply chain-oriented organization.At a time when companies are still wrapped in data siloes, it is worth noting that many of the Fortune Global 500 companies are using SAP Best Practice functionality to position them as nimble and agile.When an organization commits to investing in its people and adopting the functionality or processes to leverage SAP, we commonly achieve the following results:

  • Inventory reduction of +15% or increase in stock turns of +17%
  • Increased supply chain service levels of +20%
  • Increased supply chain process efficiency of +25%
  • Optimized capacity evaluation, sequencing and dispatching, leading to reduced set-up and change over times, increased throughput by +3% and improved overall equipment effectiveness
  • Improved and reliable Available to Promise (ATP) for customers and Material Available Check (MAC) for production
  • Improved analysis capability and a single source of truth to enable decision making

In addition, the alignment of people, process, and technology leverages the existing SAP investment, improves the return on that investment, positions the organization to sustain its own success, and readies it for S/4HANA.It is abundantly clear: moving away from endless piles of outdated and non-integrated personal information systems (spreadsheets) and moving toward instantly scalable data management and analytics capabilities fueled by a proven methodology and skilled expertise is crucial to the core of business growth. It provides the ability to obtain accurate insights at the exact moment they’re needed. And that’s the true key to business supply chain success. Education is one of the cornerstones of how we help companies transform and sustain improvements. As a part of our ongoing commitment to providing pertinent supply chain industry education, Reveal experts present regular webinars on a wide range of SAP-centric supply chain management topics to help you achieve immediate value with your existing SAP system.


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