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Consultants vs. Trusted Advisors

Martin Rowan

Being a father whose daughter is a freshman in college, I understand the importance of a good education.  More importantly, I also understand it goes beyond textbook smarts.  To bring true value to herself, her future family and the organization she may work for, she will need to apply the education she has received in the most effective way.

In the SAP-centric Supply Chain world, we live in, it is simply not good enough to implement an ERP system or tackle a continuous improvement program without addressing the fundamental knowledge gap that exists in organizations today.  All implementations fall short of proving true understanding to the user and management community, on how the new integrated processes, system, and information related to each other. More importantly, the impact each of these areas has on one another. Training is merely the act of clicking through a procedure to complete a transaction.  Education is the “why” behind the action, the understanding of the ramifications of the series of actions on the rest of the organization. Implementation training typically addresses technical requirements and falls well short of the functional education.

Reveal Is a Trusted Advisor

The age-old adage rings truer than ever before: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." To many organizations, Reveal has become a Trusted Advisor to a team of practitioners that live by the philosophy to teach people how to fish. In the truest sense, organizations are looking for a partner to help prepare, educate and lead them through their transformation from knowing how to execute a transaction to understanding how to leverage the full capabilities of the system to achieve better business results. This is why we call our execution teams, Advisors.  The core to advising is leading, guiding, transferring knowledge, coaching and empowering organizations to “do what they have learned”.  To ensure organizations are able to truly apply a smart use of the technology (SAP), Reveal deploys a team that consists of three advisory groups.

Thought Leader is the Reveal lead advisor who sets overall vision and direction across teams to ensure methodology, value opportunities and client requirements are met while ensuring the knowledge transfer from the Reveal advisors to the client.

Business Maturity Advisor is Reveal’s Team lead who directs Change Management, Education and Business Maturity®® efforts during Transformational projects while continuing to manage issue resolution, escalation, and overall project activities.

Integration Advisors are Reveal’s subject matter experts in the various applications in SAP.  Working closely with the users and managers, they are the hands-on teachers.  They educate and implement SAP best practices, process improvements and continuously apply our ongoing Value optimization®,( oVo®), principles of continuous improvement.The value of training users how to execute a transaction is limited by the circumstances that exist for a certain scenario. Educating users on the how to use SAP (why, when, where, etc.) for multiple circumstances improves the value of the user to address ever-changing scenarios. This education will pay big dividends as organizations continue their journey from the information age to the digital one where the volume and speed of information increase exponentially.

To learn more about our educational approach to advising clients, we encourage you to listen in on our monthly webinars where we share SAP best practices and educational insights on the smart use of SAP to improve supply chain results.


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