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Do You Want to Create a App?

Native App or Mobile Web App


Small to medium businesses now are incorporating web apps into their business strategies to increase their sales and help boost employees’ productivity. However, lack of planning can lead to diminished profitability and decreased utility if the app is poorly conceived and does not work well. Before building an app, it is important for your organization to have a solid plan in place that addresses the following questions:

First, think about why are you building the app, then think about how to do it. Are you making an app to promote a new business or improve an existing business? As there are a variety of apps in Apple or Google Play store, in a wide array of categories such as medical, financial, business, education, health and fitness and more, you can explore those apps related to your idea and determine the functionality that you want to showcase. To build an app, the easiest way is to hire a person who has experience in the web application field and provide them the design layout, along with text, photos and videos you want to include in your app.

Second, do you want to create a native app or mobile web app? To have a clear understanding, it is critical to know the target audience, user scenarios and specific devices or hardware. Knowing all of these factors allows you to better create native apps for your desired platforms. Otherwise, it is simple to create a mobile web app that can be supported across different platforms, such as IOS, Windows or Android devices.

The next consideration is to have an understanding of the desired usability, design and accessibility. It is important to consider usability -- it is something that should be taken into account early on in the project. The app should be built based on key elements: simplicity, intuitive design, attractive functionality and ease of use. From a user's perspective, does the app offer a simple functionality? Does your app feature an intuitive design? Is the app attractive and pleasing to the eye? Is it user-friendly and easy to use? Does the app provide the expected functionality? If you create an app correctly and meet these standards, the user should be able to access the features inside an app without any assistance and perform the intended functionality without having any issue.

Another question to ask yourself: Does your app require a privacy policy? If you build your app to collect confidential information from users, you must provide an agreement and include a privacy policy on the first screen in the app so all users would see it before using the app. The privacy policy should explain what information is being collected and how it will be used.

Finally, the last consideration is whether the app has met the design and functional requirements before launching. It is critical to test the functionality of the app thoroughly; test it as much as possible to ensure that no issues are found. Another way is to ask others to go through the entire app and watch them as they go through.Building an app certainly can enhance and help expand your business offerings. Make sure you do it right from the outset.Reveal offers application design and development services to our clients. If you are thinking about building an app for your SAP-centric supply chain-based organization, we not only can create a well-designed application for you, but we understand your SCM considerations as well.

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