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The Great Give Back…

Ways People & Organizations Can Volunteer


It’s the time of year again—people are making lists of their most-wanted items, companies are planning parties and prepping for the New Year. It’s also a great time to add one more thing to your calendar: giving back to the community or the people around you.

What does “Giving Back” mean to you or your company? Here at Reveal, every employee is given 5 days a year to volunteer in their communities or around the world if they choose. Over the past 6 years since I have been working at Reveal, I have seen our employees volunteering at elementary schools, “Feed My Starving Children”, homeless shelters, churches and traveling as far as the Philippines. The Senior Partner here are Reveal goes to the Philippines for 2 weeks with his family every year to volunteer with anything they may need to repair, or help educate and even things as simple as playing games. This past year, 3 of our partners and their families attended the trip and they were absolutely humbled by the amount of need in the Philippines and the appreciation shown to them by everyone they met.

Last year, Reveal flew several employees and me to Houston, Texas to help feed the homeless and families affected by hurricane Harvey that devastated much of that area. We spent 2 days setting up and delivering food to families the week of Thanksgiving. This organization we chose to volunteer at was so short-handed during this holiday that we felt it was where we could provide the most help. Most cities have some type of food pantry or homeless shelter and a large percentage of the people that help are volunteers from the surrounding communities. These types of organizations are typically in need of additional people to lend a helping hand not just during the holidays, but throughout the year. (hint hint)

One organization that Reveal likes to participate at together is Feed My Starving Children (FMSC) a Christian non-profit organization that provides nutritious meals to children around the world. These meals are specifically formulated to feed malnourished children. A few times a year, our company volunteers at the local FMSC location and helps pack these meals. The comradely of our employees and the others volunteering at these events is amazing. We have fun, challenge each other and all around feel great about the help for those in need.

Imagine if every company gave their employees the opportunity to offer a lending hand within their communities as Reveal does … We are not only helping others, but it feels really good inside when doing something as simple as lending a hand and volunteering our time. Personally, I recommend everyone to get out into the community and help out where you can, even if your company does not offer paid time off, the gratification of helping others is so inspiring.To learn more about some of the other organizations Reveal lends a hand to you can visit our give back page.


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