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What If Your SAP Supply Chain Was Truly Optimized?

Ask yourself: What if ...?


SAP Implementations Should Not End When the Application Is Installed

What if your SAP supply chain was truly optimized - what would it mean for your company? What if your initial SAP implementation focused on how you use SAP to improve your business, not on how you install SAP to run your business? What if your go-live acceptance test on inventory value was not that it matched your legacy system, but that it was 15% lower than when you ran your business on your legacy system? What if you did not have to hope that your customer service levels would stay the same, but that they actually improved by 20%?

SAP implementations should not end when the SAP application is installed; the implementation ends when you have reached the goals that drove you to buy SAP and your team has the skills to use SAP to continually improve your business.

If you are like most of the companies that we work with, it's not that you did not get the expected benefit from implementing SAP: It is that your implementer did not finish the implementation. Our competitors want you to run simple on SAP. We want you to run smarter on SAP -- it’s the difference between getting some of the return of your investment and exceeding the return on your investment. If you are one of the seven out of 10 SAP customers who feel the way we do, we should talk, we can show you how we have done this for other companies.

If you give us 7 days, we can show you how much your current implementation is really costing you and were you can SAVE. If you give us a few months, we can finish your SAP implementation for a fraction of the implementation cost, while you realize the full return on your investment in SAP.


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