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What Causes the High Rate of Change Management Strategies to Fall Short?


It is estimated that 70% of all change management initiatives fail, and I believe a lot of this has to do with the title itself -- "change management." When I look outside my window and find spring in full bloom, I don't see management, I see nature unfolding naturally. Can you imagine if the trees refused to shed their leaves in the fall, the birds wouldn't migrate and the warm weather wouldn't make room for the cold? Nature would be thrown into complete disarray.

Does your company have the capacity to deal with sudden changes? Are the personnel ready to confront the current state of affairs, or do they find themselves being tossed around by the circumstances and having difficulty managing?

It can be difficult to manage change because many individuals find it difficult to adapt and accept it. People may be resistant to change because of potential discomfort. But, if we look at nature, we can see how plants, trees, and flowers all manage to survive and even thrive despite harsh conditions.

Rather than simply controlling or managing change, it would be beneficial to focus on coaching people and guiding them through it. A more empathetic and open approach would be to allow individuals to embrace their feelings while still encouraging them to move ahead. Supporting employees to access their courage while change is happening will help them not only survive, but also potentially thrive. If employees are able to do this, the organization as a whole will be able to thrive.

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