Changing One Supply Chain at a Time.

Integrative Life

We are an organization that values people who value their families. We also see ourselves as a family and have several events throughout the year where we spend time together, including monthly town halls and luncheons, an annual baseball game, team-building events, and an annual holiday party. In addition to providing vacation and sick time, we also provide paid time off called “give back days” in order to enable employees to give back to their communities.


Employee Stories


We foster self-directed leadership, yet work together toward a common mission. We are a fast-paced organization. Our thought leaders often say, “We need to paint the train while its moving!” We pay our employees generously and offer benefits that are meaningful to them; we provide ample opportunities to advance their skills; and we cultivate a principle-based culture that helps people grow professionally and personally.


We are trusted partners because we help transform their businesses to run optimally.

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Reveal is a company deeply rooted in foundational principles that guide our path, and we foster the growth of our clients, our employees and our community.


We are vested in helping children in need receive the supplies they so often lack — food, water, shelter, education and solace. We support our employees’, clients’ and community’s charitable passions.

We Embrace a Growth Mindset

Reveal is a collaborative environment where brainstorming sessions frequently occur and where whiteboards are filled daily with ideas on how to refine processes, improve the client experience, etc. We are committed to the constant growth of our clients as well as our employees. We expect employees always to be working toward their cutting edge, to reinvent themselves as we constantly reinvent ourselves as a company. Each employee works with a Thought Leader on an annual Individual Development Plan to ensure continual progress.

Learn from the Best

A career with Reveal means you will be working with and learning from the foremost thought leaders in the supply chain management industry. Our approach is to assess opportunity, then transform the people, processes and technologies that ensure a sustainable organization. We combine wisdom, business smarts, technical expertise and artful precision to uncover exciting opportunities in our clients’ supply chain through our proprietary ongoing VALUE optimization® (oVo®) methodology. Through the use of best practices, education and change management, we optimize our clients’ SAP-centric supply chains for maximum efficiency.

We always are looking for SAP-knowledgeable project managers and integration consultants with change management and public-speaking experience to successfully lead our clients through our proprietary process. We also look for energetic, passionate and problem-solving individuals to join our growing administrative support staff.

The perfect fit for you, if you:

  • Thrive in a professional environment where you can excel and receive recognition
  • Are an experienced consultant with expert SAP knowledge
  • Welcome traveling domestically and/or internationally (consultants)
  • Prefer a fast-paced environment
  • Are passionate about making a difference for your clients and your community
  • Have an engaging, client-facing personality (consultants)
  • Are driven, action-oriented and a problem solver
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