Jun 3, 2024
Jun 5, 2024

SAP Sapphire & ASUG Conference

Orlando, FL
SAP Sapphire & ASUG Conference

The SAP Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference Orlando is your one-stop shop for discovering innovative solutions to unlock your organization's full potential.

Join Reveal at the SAP Sapphire & ASUG Conference. We're thrilled on June 4, 2024, 3:00 PM ET, to showcase an executive story by Brian Hughes, Greene Tweed, Co. sharing a real-world example of how they achieved significant improvements in their SAP-centric supply chain by focusing on process consistency, data integrity, and collaborative problem-solving.

Einstein Was Right: Don’t Try the Same Thing and Expect Different Results. - Brian Hughes, Greene Tweed Co.
June 4, 2024, 3:00 PM ET | Theater 2

Learn how Greene Tweed jumpstarted their S/4HANA journey by ramping up process consistency, data integrity, and collaborative problem-solving in their SAP-centric supply chain. Hear about their cross functional journey to planning and operational excellence that helped improve SAP utilization, empower people, and fund the ongoing migration to S/4HANA.

Our session falls under the Supply Chain Management track, where you'll find valuable insights from SAP, industry experts, and fellow customers.  Learn how to optimize your supply chain for risk mitigation and sustainable growth with sessions across various sub-tracks, including:

  • Supply Chain Planning
  • Supply Chain Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Product Lifecycle Management
  • Asset and Service Management

This three-day in-person event (June 3rd-5th) offers a wealth of resources, including:

  • Keynote addresses, demos, and showcases featuring the latest advancements in SAP technology.
  • Opportunities to interact with experts, partners, and fellow attendees, fostering valuable connections and knowledge sharing.
  • Pre-conference user learnings at the ASUG Annual Conference, providing in-depth explorations of specific topics.
  • A bustling show floor and celebratory night experiences, creating a dynamic and engaging environment.
  • Ample networking opportunities to connect with industry leaders and potential collaborators.

Don't miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights from Greene Tweed's S/4HANA journey! Register for the SAP Sapphire & ASUG Annual Conference Orlando today and join us on Tuesday, June 4th at 3:00 PM Eastern for "Speed to Value in Your S/4 Journey: Building a Solid Foundation for Success."


Brian Hughes
Brian Hughes
IBP Senior Manager
Greene Tweed & Co.

Brian Hughes

A global supply chain leader with end-to-end experience implementing and utilizing S&OP/IBP to drive aligned decisions, and proactive discussions, leveraging hands-on learning and coaching to support maturity and continuous improvements.

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