May 1, 2024
May 2, 2024

SAPinsider Supply Chain Management Summit 2024

Marriott Chicago O’Hare, IL
SAP Supply Chain Management Summit 2024

Empower Your Supply Chain with Effective Change Management and Maximum ROI at SAPinsider SCM

Calling all Supply Chain Professionals!

Are you ready to release the full potential of your SAP investment and build a resilient, data-driven supply chain? Join us at the SAPinsider Supply Chain Management Summit in Chicago on May 1-2, where we'll be presenting two insightful sessions:

Getting the Intended ROI from Your Existing SAP Investment
Wed., May 1, 2024 | 3:15 pm - 4:00 pm | Grand Ballroom 4.

Have you plateaued with your SAP implementation?  This session will help you re-evaluate your investment and uncover hidden potential. Your SAP implementation is behind you (often many years ago) and you are up and running.  Transactions are all working, and the system is collecting and building data that is rich in content for analysis and improved decision making. But are you achieving all of the value SAP can provide? Attendees will get a sense of whether they are truly getting the ROI they should as we focus on key measures that corroborate the facts and give us an indication of success.  Share in success stories where measures and analytics drove significant improvements in service levels and inventory right sizing including reductions. Attendees will have a clear view on how to visualize the health of their supply chain in terms of these two areas of focus.  This strengthens the argument to minimize the level of customization in favor of using standard best practices built into the system, from which sound measures can be reported on.


  • Understand the original ROI goals you set for your SAP implementation.
  • Gain maximum visibility into key service level and inventory metrics.
  • Learn essential measures to reduce lead times without disrupting your supply chain.
  • Discover how to optimize throughput and customer service through lead-time management.
  • Establish a sustainable approach to keeping lead times in check.
How Effective Change Management Can Create Sustainable Change in Getting Your Organization Ready for S/4HANA
Thu., May 2, 2024 | 12:15 pm - 1:00 pm | Grand Ballroom 4

In this session, Change Management – It’s Not Just a Burning Platform. A sound and proven change management methodology that drives sustained change within an integrated supply chain is crucial to drive bottom line value to the company. The dynamics of top-down change management and education of the organization with aligned structural adjustments are at the center of the process, especailly in planning moves to S/4HANA.


  • Implement change from the top down and become an intelligent enterprise.
  • Make employee education a priority to drive performance improvement.
  • Identify and implement essential organizational and structural changes.
  • Establish clear accountability and team structures for a new way of working.
  • Put KPIs in place to track your progress and ensure successful change adoption.

Don’t Miss This Opportunity to Transform Your Supply Chain! Master the Future of Supply Chain Excellence

The world throws a lot at your supply chain: global instability, rising costs, labor shortages, material limitations, inventory management– the list goes on. But fear not, supply chain planning is your new strategic weapon.

Join Reveal's SAP expert team and attend the SAPinsider Supply Chain Management Summit and uncover solutions within your own SAP system. Our experts will be there to tackle your toughest challenges and identify powerful solutions that already exist within your current setup. To elevate your strategy even further, schedule a personalized one-on-one discussion with a Reveal expert in advance.

Why meet with Reveal?

Reveal goes beyond just attending. We'll help you:

  • See the bigger picture: Gain a holistic view of what your transformation from ECC to S/4HANA will look like
  • Elicit the maximum value from SAP S/4HANA: Understand its impact on your supply chain, logistics, and procurement.
  • Walk away with actionable insights: Strategic guidance, best practices, and real-world solutions to your toughest challenges.

Ready to conquer your supply chain challenges?


Martin Rowan
Martin Rowan
Managing Partner

Martin Rowan

Martin Rowan is a Managing Partner at Reveal.

Martin's passion is to help companies leverage their current technology investment to optimize their integrated, extended supply chains to achieve a world class status.  His 20+ years’ experience covers a wide variety of industries across multiple countries with specific focus on driving transformational change within the organization and their core value chain.   He has helped transform some phenomenal organizations across the globe, such as; US Navy, Campbells Soup, GE, Carlisle, HD Supply, Ryerson Steel, BMW, Toyota, General Motors, Mittal Steel, Sanyo, Insight and Asics, to name a few. He is also passionate about how supply chains can play a key role in helping the underprivileged communities and is therefore very active in local and international “give-back” programs that have helped hundreds of abused, abandoned and dangerously neglected children in need.  Martin speaks frequently at conferences typically on topics around the importance of an optimized supply chain. In the last few years, he has spoken in Spain, France, Germany, South Africa, Sweden, UK and the United States.

Reveal USA LinkedIn Page
Steven Crooke
Steven Crooke
Managing Partner

Steven Crooke

Steven is a principled and passionate supply chain and leadership development professional. With global experience in delivering and overseeing initiatives for medium and large organizations for over 25 years.

Steven is actively involved in transforming global supply chains to deliver latent value by working with people and challenging the status quo. He loves the people aspect of his work and the lightbulb moments that are generated while doing so. Through his work, Steven finds there is so much untapped potential in motivating teams to work together and a shame to see that lost, simply because they don’t understand how to work together. Steven frequently delivers his learnings and stories through social media and at speaking engagements across North America and Europe.

Reveal USA LinkedIn Page



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