Effective Solution of Supply Chain Management Constraints

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ERP implementation allows companies to accelerate their success with advanced functionality. organizations, on the contrary, are finding it hard to understand their ERP system, which in fact is the foundation for their growth. CIOs are on a lookout for solutions to effectively utilize their existing tools. Offering competent solutions to these impediments and paving way for operational efficiency, Reveal USA, based in Naperville, IL, elevates supply chain optimization with essential solutions to enable manufacturers achieve optimal ROI. “We support our customers to move along a continuum of improvement to attain optimal business value,” begins Sean Elliffe, Associate Partner, Reveal USA. The company reveals the hidden opportunities in the existing ERP system and the collective abilities to drive to a level of “Information Maturity.”

Reveal USA allocates interdependent unification of people, process and technology, which goes beyond supply chain into EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) integration and mobility support. The company renders internationally validated oVo (ongoing VALUE optimization) Methodology, enabling enterprises to obtain supply chain optimization and aligned supply chain solutions. Reveal USA supports organizations to achieve finest business value using higher levels of automation and tools to drive optimization. “The Information Maturity process is a roadmap of how to get there. It is measurable in terms of
standard reporting tools and metrics inside SAP,” explains Elliffe.

Reveal USA has also been engaging with SAPinsider, the premier source of information on product and service initiatives coming from SAP and its partners. Through this engagement, Reveal USA creates and facilitates educational content regarding SAP Best Practices for Supply Chain Optimization. The content covers a wide range of areas including Inventory Optimization, Capacity Management, Sales and Operations Planning and Change Management. “We enhance the knowledge base of our clients and offer project-level support through our assessments and oVo optimization project delivery,” remarks Elliffe.

The solutions offered by Reveal USA are targeted to all market sectors and customers could get efficient gains through optimal utilization of existing functionality in the ERP system. Clients get the required assistance to manage their supply chain constraints on a daily basis. The services of Reveal USA help clients achieve benefit in various areas such as reduction in inventory and operation cost, increased process efficiency, and most importantly, increased visibility across the whole supply chain.

In an implementation highlight, as in the case of many other enterprises, an equipment manufacturing enterprise could not utilize their existing functionality. They had to go outside their ERP system to manage their business expense sheet and database. Reveal USA identified the missing link in their supply chain and provided them planning tools to manage and employ effective use of SAP. The support and sustainability the company presented, enabled the enterprise to handle their accounts and production orders. Now, it takes less effort for them to create and send purchase orders. Reveal USA transforms and helps companies run better supply chains using SAP.  As Elliffe rightly puts, Reveal USA helps companies grow from “average Joe Golfer“ to “PGA Tour Professional” so that they can be on par with the competitors.

Moving forward, Reveal USA is consolidating their services for building a new improved oVo and targeted supply chain solutions to provide an all-round customer service to streamline ERP system in organizations. The company also plans to improve Top Sheet metrics tool that helps to pull key health and inventory measures from standard SAP reports into a single dashboard view. “We are also updating approaches to drive agile supply chain solutions at client sites and build new applications to support mobile visibility,” adds Elliffe.


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