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Resetting the Supply Chain

By Patrice Matthias May 9, 2018 by Reveal

As organizations begin the journey to move from SAP ECC to S4 Hana, Reveal has launched a free webinar series this year to help prepare for the transition. The series started in February with an introduction to the 10 smart things an organization should do to prepare for the journey to S4 Hana.

Here, I’ve provided a schedule of our webinars to come:#1 Smart Thing – Stabilize View Recording
#2 Smart Thing – Bring Trust Back View Recording
#3 Smart Thing – Break Down Silos View Recording
#4 Smart Thing – Reset the Rules Register
#5 Smart Thing – Ensure Balance Across the End-to-End Supply Chain Register
#6 Smart Thing – Increase Manufacturing Throughout Register
#7 Smart Thing – Optimize Material Flow and Inventory Levels View Recording
#8 Smart Thing – Maximize Revenue Register
#9 Smart Thing – Measure, Measure and Measure Register
#10 Smart Thing – Executive Commitment Register

Next Wednesday, May 16th I will be presenting the #4 Smart Thing – Reset the Rules at 11:00 am, CST. I recommend visiting our Webinar page to listen to our past Webinars and to Register for our upcoming ones. Then, consider joining me by registering for Wednesday’s webinar Reset the Rules – A smart thing to do now to prepare for the future as we continue the journey to S4 Hana.

Take a look at the image below and ask yourself the same questions.

Reset The Supply Chain

Do you like your answers to these questions? If not, I encourage you to join Reveal Wednesday and learn more about resetting the rules in your Supply Chain.  We will be discussing the pitfalls of inaccurate rules in SAP.  If you are working outside of SAP, don’t trust the SAP message, are unhappy with supply chain results, unable to provide accurate information, holding too much inventory or working in silos, then you need to register for this webinar.

Before transitioning to S4 Hana it is important to spend time updating your current SAP system.  Smart Thing #4 – Reset The Rules, will introduce some of the basics that Reveal has built a methodology around.  Rules contained in Material Master, Work Centers, Routings, Info Recs, etc. are key to results you can trust from SAP.  A key step to resetting is to align the settings (rules) in SAP with business behavior.  A quick preview to illustrate a simple solution aligning rules to business processes:

MRP runs and creates a Purchase Requisition, the purchase req is requesting 712 items.  The issue – the buyer knows the supplier ships full cases 100 items in each – so created the Purchase order and immediately changes the request to 800 items (aka 8 full cartons).  A few updates to the settings in the Material Master (MRP1 – lot size data) – and MRP runs and creates a Purchase Req requesting 800 – aligning with your behavior.

I hope that peaked your interest – please join me next week.  If you are unable – be sure to check out the recording on our website – it will be available shortly after.


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