SAP Implementation

How to Do It Differently and Succeed?

SAP Implementation
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Implementing SAP

How to get it right…

Implementing a SAP solution alone will not solve the problem you are trying to address! Technology alone will not bring the value unless the organization adopts the technology, functionality or process and applies it to generate REAL value to the organization.

We believe that a good implementation is not only measured by the technical aspects of a working system, but by the sustainable ability to meet and exceed business goals and objectives defined after the system is implemented. While an IT function is responsible for putting in place the technical building blocks of making a functioning system, the business units own the functionality, information and responsibility for a utilized and business-effective system. As such, implementations should be inclusive of the business community.

Education and change management is not an activity; it is an inherent quality to every process during a successful implementation. Good change management requires investment in people throughout the whole implementation process and an embedded user and management education program.

The road to business improvement is through Business Maturity®, an organization’s ability to meet and exceed its business goals by leveraging SAP. An organization with a high Business Maturity® rating has proven ability to use and leverage the technology to drive change and ongoing transformation to meet its ever-evolving business goals.

All roads lead to S/4HANA, but not all paths are equally cost-effective and trouble-free.

At Reveal, we apply these principles and our oVo® methodology to deliver successful implementations, across a wide variety of industries that position the business to sustain their own success through utilizing the delivered system and processes.

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