W.R. Grace & Co.

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W.R. Grace  & Co.

Our REGEN program is building a team and breaking down silos. Relationships are being built even as we work remotely.

Christy Stokrp
Senior Director, Business Process

W. R. Grace & Co. is an American chemical business based in Maryland. It produces specialty chemicals and specialty materials which makes catalysts, related products and silica based and silica-alumina based materials, used in pharmaceutical/consumer, coatings, and chemical process applications.


  • Lack of end-to-end functional integration (silos) across the supply chain
  • A Global Design Model integrated across the company
  • Support for global design for future roll-outs within Grace  
  • Prepare the organization for global design to S/4HANA digital transformation
  • Increased ROI from existing SAP investment


  • Supply chain transformation utilizing Reveal’s oVo®  Methodology focused on optimizing inventory, capacity and production planning, demand management and warehouse material flows to support improving service levels
  • Implement MRP across functional processes in SAP
  • Develop Global Design Model to support standardardization across the organization and build a foundation for moving to S/4HANA
  • Improve service and inventory levels through improvements in data quality and utilization of SAP capabilities
  • Increased effectiveness of supply chain processes
  • Increased product availability to support reliable order fulfillment scheduling and delivery creation
  • Drive operational improvements in supply chain, production planning, materials, and distribution
  • Elevate team member skills applying critical thinking, decrease manual effort, increase trust and user confidence in the system
  • Drive organizational change by educating on SAP best practice and driving alignment of business rules with system settings
  • Establish ownership and accountability of master data and its application 


  • Inventory optimization:
    • Turns ratio up 32%
    • Average inventory down 13%
    • Dead stock down 14%
  • Enhanced inventory management process to improve visibility
  • Process efficiency improvements:
     • Red Lights down 11%
      • Overdue MRP elements down 70% 
      • Schedule attainment at 80%
  • Improved buying decisions, purchasing spend and warehouse holding costs
  • Optimized capacity management and improved scheduling in SAP
  • Improved visibility, alignment and efficiencies reflected in KPIs
  • Proven model to implement across the organization to improve operational maturity and agility
  • Advanced Grace employee knowledge wealth through SAP best practice education, application, certification, and continuous improvement mindset.


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