Value Optimization

Value Optimization

By managing a supply chains information, an organization is able to better manage its business. The SAP system, as an integrated process environment, makes it possible to manage exceptions, creating time to target additional opportunities and continuously realize returns. Reveal provides a methodology that enables companies to achieve the return on investment they expected during the original SAP implementation — in a sustainable and cost-effective manner. Reveal’s ongoing VALUE optimization (oVo) methodology can be applied in various functional areas of the SAP environment but always in the context of the broader “end-to-end” supply chain of the business. The Wellness Assessment is Reveal’s oVo methodology in action: It is the five-day, on-site analysis phase of the process that we employ to help organizations achieve measurable business value from their SAP investment.

Examples of ways in which Reveal can transform what matters and help optimize your organization’s supply chain:

Sales & Operations Planning

Proactively guide daily operations and monthly plans toward long-term business goals to keep your organization competitive. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is a tool that enables your top management team to establish the desired levels of customer service, inventory investment and lead times in advance.

Plant Maintenance

By automating the day-to-day scheduling tasks, your plant maintenance team can focus their attention on more targeted, long-term planning initiatives. Use the SAP standard reporting tools more effectively to adopt preventive maintenance strategies. Read more on Plant Maintenance.

Inventory Optimization

Take full advantage of the valuable reporting and management tools SAP provides to make better decisions regarding the availability of material and use of resources.

Master Data Optimization

By harnessing your existing SAP functionality, your organization can rise above merely performing transactions to achieve tangible and measurable business value from your ERP investment. Learn more how Reveal can assist with your Supply Chain’s master data optimization.

Change Management

Enhance your ability to manage growth in a changing marketplace. Direct your company’s evolution by identifying opportunities for improvement and key benefits of change management.

Uncover your tangible value opportunities by schedule a wellness assessment with our team.

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