What Is Different In S/4HANA v ECC In Asset Management?

Wednesday, December 14, 2022
11:00 am

S/4HANA v ECC: What is Different In Asset Management?

From Plant Maintenance to Asset Management and S/4HANA from ECC. In SAP terms both support integrated business performance using a single powerful data base with functionality that enables the accomplishment of business goals and ultimately a robust reliability strategy. The many faces of Asset Management provide an intriguing prospect in getting better within SAP's new S/4HANA system and the improved user experience with Fiori. Join this fireside conversation where we will explore new functionality in S/4 and Fiori to enable better performance in the broader Asset Management and Maintenance space.


  • S/4 User Experience drives process improvement, better data integrity, improved visibility to exceptions in Fiori apps, - including external procurement and availability, more intuitive; less training and a shorter learning curve. In today's world people live on their phones and expect a similar experience at work; Fiori gets much closer to that than what we're used to in the GUI.
  • Ensure accurate data capture to enable end-to-end integration from shop floor through analytics. Downtime becomes maintenance events, becomes root cause of failure, becomes continuous improvement, and develops data for future predictive analytics and enables businesses to better manage assets and reduce operating costs. Assets are kept in optimal condition, reducing production interruptions, and ensuring the safety of all.
  • While S/4 provides the foundation and key data for planning and execution, the Intelligent Asset Management suite of cloud applications brings a new level of capability to enable the asset management strategy.  Once the core is enabled and process integration is achieved in S/4, IAM is the next logical step to accelerating a business to a higher level of asset management maturity.


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