How Do Operations & Supply Chain Teams Turn SAP into a Working Asset

Wednesday, June 8, 2022
12:00 pm
Martin Rowan
Martin Rowan

In partnership with ASUG, this webcast will deliver insights designed to support your work with SAP technology.

If you purchase expensive equipment for your manufacturing plant, you’d expect to fully utilize it in your operations. For many organizations, SAP is one of their largest and most expensive assets, yet it is not held to this same utilization standard. Much has changed in the last 10 years regarding local and global supply chains. However, how SAP is used has not changed dramatically enough; we still need to turn this “tool” into an “asset.” And SAP should be an asset that helps to increase inventory turns, reduce the cost of operations, increase throughput, and improve service levels. These are all revenue enablers and profit generators.

Join ASUG SVP, Executive Programs Leadership David Wascom and Reveal Managing Partner Martin Rowan in a discussion on the evolution of SAP and supply chains. We will hold a business discussion on the good, the bad, and the ugly on international supply chain trends and what companies are doing now to maximize their investment in SAP. Helping you maximize the value of your SAP technology investment is the mission of ASUG. Sharing how to better use your SAP investment to support your supply chain needs is a critical way to deliver on this mission. With the information and thought leadership presented during this session, not only can your organization benefit from a return on asset and see immediate savings, but also, it can prepare for a smoother migration to S/4.


  • Gain insights into the latest trends and operational/supply chain practices
  • Discover how operations and supply chain teams can turn SAP into an asset that will bring significant value to them now
  • Learn what to apply now from an operations and supply chain perspective that will ensure a successful SAP S/4HANA transformation


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