Business Guide to S/4 vs. ECC's Extended Warehouse Management

Wednesday, June 21, 2023
11:00 am

S/4HANA vs ECC's Extended Warehouse Management

This webinar will bridge the understanding of what to expect with the transitioning from ECC's Warehouse Management (WM) to S/4HANA's  Extended Warehouse Management (EWM). Many Companies are dealing with the potential journey to S/4HANA and not sure the benefits nor the business opportunity it may bring. In this specific webinar, we'll explore key differences between ECC's Warehouse Management functionality and EWM in S/4. We'll highlight key challenges with the migration, discuss strategy, and outline the business value potential unlocked by EWM.

Key Points

  • Understand the different deployment options for warehouse management in S/4HANA, including a discussion of how to choose the right model based on your business needs, and potential licensing impacts of the decision.
  • Recognize the advanced features and analytics enabled by EMW and how they can drive business value.
  • Learn the technology challenges posed by the move to EWM, including compatibility with legacy warehouse equipment and integration options for automated material handling and storage systems.


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