How an Agile Supply Chain Can Help Increase Operational Excellence

Wednesday, August 18, 2021
11:00 am
David Carroll
David Carroll

Capacity planning and production scheduling are the heart of any manufacturing supply chain, yet so many supply chains are still struggling to harness the value that comes from an integrated production plan.

This session focuses on the integration of capacity planning with the production plan. In addition, we will discuss production execution including shop floor control, materials planning and demand strategies in the supply chain. Walk away learning how capacity planning ensures far better control on capacity service levels and materials management.  Learn how an integrated production plan not only supports better capacity planning but minimizes material shortages from suppliers. Take home techniques and daily practices that have helped many organizations improve production response to customer demands within a constrained capacity.

• Understand the importance of the correct planning strategies to improve the customer experience
• Learn how to speed up line of sight to create agility and flexibility in manufacturing
• Learn how to use capacity planning and scheduling to drive production efficiency and reduce material shortages while increasing throughput
• Discover the importance of real time information and how it also increases flexibility and operational efficiency


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