Leverage the Digital Supply Chain and the Intelligent Enterprise

Thursday, February 28, 2019
11:00 am
Martin Rowan
Martin Rowan

Key Points:
1)  How to measure your organization maturity to cope with the technology changes.
2)  What functional areas and processes need specific attention.
3)  The overall value and benefit to the business when establishing a high level of maturity.

It is all around us...digital supply chains, the SAP intelligent enterprise, machine learning etc. The big question rather is…are we truly mature enough, as an organization, to capitalize on these impending changes and technologies? Are we prepared for the transformation it requires? Do we have complete alignment between people, processes and the smart use of technology? This webinar series will discuss the future and the present needs to establish principles and measures to determine the organization's maturity to meet the coming changes. Learn how to begin the journey to Business Maturity.


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