Maximizing Your Talent

Wednesday, September 16, 2020
11:00 am
Steven Crooke
Steven Crooke

Turning SAP into an Asset by Maximizing Your Talent

This webinar will take a look at what you can do as we settle into our new normal, set the right tone for your people, re-establish high performing and cohesive teams and ensure your supply chains and company grow more resilient and flexible.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn about the 4 things you can do now to boost performance and get your teams on the right track
  • People – the Supply Chain x-factor: Understand how to utilize them where they can have the most impact

My last webinar (before COVID-19) I highlighted the fact that people are the x-factor of any company’s success. Very few companies understand how to leverage people individually, let alone maximize the power of teams.  I highlighted issues of communication and Patrick Lencioni’s 5 behaviors of cohesive teams.

Then COVID-19 hit us!  Our economy ground to a standstill as people and companies across the world sheltered in place.  Now 6 months into it, companies are trying to understand what their “new normal” is going to be as we try to move beyond this crisis.  We know that the way we work has been forever changed, We know that Supply Chains across the world have been challenged and are being called to a higher degree of resilience.  Our new normal for companies, supply chains and people has to include a renewed resilience and tolerance to unexpected challenges.


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