Business Guide to S/4 vs. ECC's New Planning Features & Functions

Wednesday, February 15, 2023
11:00 am

S/4HANA vs ECC's New Planning Features & Functions

Many companies are coming to terms with the potential journey to S4HANA and not fully aware of benefits nor the business opportunity it may bring. In this webinar series we will be reviewing the various differences between S/4HANA vs ECC capabilities. This specific webinar will be looking at the difference between the respective planning capabilities with specific focus on new features and functions such as DDMRP, pMRP and aATP.  Having a good grasp on the various business opportunities these features can provide will help make a more informed decision on how to apply this to your business.

Business Enterprise change can be an intimidating prospect, particularly when it comes to aging SAP ERP software. Whether you are preparing to implement, migrate, or you’ve already gone live. It’s important to know the major differences so you can leverage the full capabilities of your investment.

Key Points

  • Planning is critical to proactively manage a VUCA supply chain world. Learn how to apply the latest planning techniques in S/4HANA to achieve real business value.
  • S/4HANA and FIORI brings a whole look and feel to the ERP components, see how FIORI and the new Planning options work hand in hand.
  • No mater the version of SAP, learn how to apply good planning techniques will help your business and supply chain be more agile.


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