Business Guide to S/4 vs. ECC's Sales Order Monitoring & ATP

Wednesday, August 16, 2023
11:00 am

S/4HANA vs ECC's Sales Order Monitoring & ATP

Many Companies are dealing with the potential journey to S/4HANA and not sure the benefits nor the business opportunity it may bring. In this specific webinar we will be reviewing the various differences between S/4HANA vs ECC capabilities with the basic daily work habits required for Sales Order monitoring in ECC vs Fiori and the care needed in Change Management to accommodate the learning curve required -which could be steeper for those of us who have operated in ECC the longest. However, there are benefits to undertaking this journey. The new functionality in the current and future releases will be in Fiori, not in the GUI.

We will also compare and contrast select S/4 dashboards in Fiori vs. S/4H GUI vs ECC for Daily Order Monitoring & troubleshooting (i.e. VA05 or VA06 vs Track Sales Orders app); Changes in navigation and the shift in "the way of working" & thinking required using Fiori vs. ECC; ATP Scope of Check layout changes but functionality remains the same.

Key Points

  • Graphical display in Fiori & heads up to general problem (i.e. problem in shipping) etc. which isn't readily displayed in traditional ECC reports which often have to be interpreted based on a combination of field values. However, many folks have setup traditional ECC reports to provide them the data they need to identify quickly the root cause based on a displayed data pattern.
  • Don't skimp on the Change Management needed to accommodate the mental lift/shift required to learn to navigate the system using Fiori to find the same information found readily in ECC due to known methods.  It will involve team members having to learn how to do their jobs & think differently. That learning curve could be steeper/longer for those who have operated in ECC longer, but there are benefits to that learning if user trust in the system is also nurtured.
  • The ATP functionality transfers to S/4Hana & Fiori.  The Scope of Check layout changes to a more intuitive layout, but the element involved are the same.  Now would be a great time to review. Monitoring for Availability remains needed. Typically done using VA05 in ECC but what's the best way to monitor short/unconfirmed orders?


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