Trust Your People to Mature the Organization

Wednesday, November 20, 2019
11:00 am
Martin Rowan
Martin Rowan

Key Points:
1. Understanding the people component – what does change mean?
2. How to turn subjective feelings into objective actions and measures for effective supply chain transformation
3. Learn about a foundational approach for mining change in your people

In the world of supply chain transformation, companies readily focus their efforts on implementing changes to their technology stack or their processes.  Addressing the third pillar of people is the hardest and most complex part of the transformation.  Yet, without this vital component being successfully executed, many transformation initiatives fail.  This webinar will introduce you to a practical and tangible approach to measure the change in your people in the supply chain transformation context.  It takes the subjective components and relegates them to objective measures that, when put in the hand of competent practitioners, becomes a vital cornerstone of any supply chain transformation initiative.  Then we will introduce you to a foundational strategy and method for effecting that change across your vertical supply chain – executives through to planners.


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