Understanding Why Organizations Don’t See SAP as an ASSET

Wednesday, January 15, 2020
11:00 am
Martin Rowan
Martin Rowan

Too often when organizations implement SAP, they receive limited training, go live and the business is left fend for themselves. This experience has led thousands of organizations to not see, experience or feel the benefits promised prior to implementation.  

This is going to be true for S/4HANA, as well? One of the biggest reasons this occurs is because organizations don’t see SAP as an ASSET, but rather a tool. That mindset causes organizations to make poor decisions, allow bad habits to form and ultimately allow their SAP system to be significantly underutilized.

This webinar series will explore how we can change that mindset by looking at ways the business can benefit from exploiting SAP functionality as an ASSET rather than a tool.

•  Grasp the importance of understanding the business’s ROA (Return on Asset)
•  Identifying areas of opportunity that will maximize the utilization of SAP
• .How to ensure we prevent the same mistakes from happening again with S/4HANA


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