Managing by Exception: Cut 50% of Hidden Cost from Your Supply Chain

The Power of Exception Monitoring

If there’s one factor that’s integral to an organization’s success, it’s balance: ensuring you are efficiently meeting customer demand without accelerating carrying costs or confronting a shortage on the supply end. This requires consistently staying on top of materials inventory and schedule while moving the process seamlessly from purchase to production.

But all that’s easier said than done, particularly when process data becomes overdue and cluttered, when functions and departments are siloed and set their own objectives, and when integration falls apart because there are disparate sources of truth.

As a result, all too many organizations end up chasing their tail across the supply chain, overlooking business value opportunities. There is a better way: embracing one sources of truth and truly understanding how to read and solve exceptions to improve process efficiencies and cost.

Managing by Exception: The Single Best Way to Integrate Your Supply Chain

Setting off on the path from imbalance and inefficiency to integrate your supply chain requires recognizing that data and material requirements planning (MRP) are the glue that holds everything together. As MRP runs, it touches everything — materials, BOMs, production, and other data with one sole purpose: to supply demand. When you step into a live MRP environment that reacts every time you take an action, you need to ask yourself: are you ready for it? Is every function and every department in your supply chain connected and communicating through one source of truth?


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