Understanding Your Options in Production & Capacity Planning


Improve your SAP Production and Capacity Planning

The journey to S/4HANA is now in full swing and some questions that are uppermost in our minds are, “How do we power our enterprise transformation so that we are closer to delivering on time, every time? What can we do to achieve a simplified, powerful, robust and thorough view of the roadblocks that stand in the way of achieving this worthy goal? How do we adapt and respond to disruptions in the most seamless way?”

One answer is to work towards achieving transparency by consolidating a number of views for a more streamlined workflow. And that is just what we are evolving towards as we migrate to S/4HANA. Building on the existing foundation, enhancements have been added that speak directly to production planners’ needs. Through S/4HANA Fiori tiles with a more intuitive design and presentation, we can view issues throughout the progression of the order  from the time we start to the moment it arrives at our customer’s door. We can discover quickly if we actually have all the components available, if the order is progressing as planned, and if it will be released on time. Best of all, we can take a more proactive stand in providing an on time, in full delivery.

In summary: most things in S/4HANA will stay the same if we wish them to do so but why not take the plunge? As long as we are taking the journey into the world of S/4HANA, we may as well take advantage of the slew of Fiori apps that go far beyond the small sampling you are reading about here.


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