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Sustainment Starts From the Beginning

SAP Optimization

Sandra Rubin

Through my experiences the evolution of change and sustain.  As we have become more and more customer-centric, people often interchange the words retain and sustain.  Through our proven methodology we partner with our clients (retain our relationships) to sustain the business value achieved through the transformation project.

We hear often from our clients “how will we be able to sustain the business value from the transformation project”.  At Reveal, sustainment starts at the very beginning from the introduction to the client, then to the delivery of the assessment onto the transformation phase. We then continue to partner to sustain the business benefits of the project.  As we transform businesses with our proven oVo® methodology, we partner with our clients to enable us to sustain the business benefits and value achieved during the transformation phase.

The Sustainment Phase

The Sustainment phase also builds on the oVo® objectives which include:

  • Optimize the SAP investment and mature the use of SAP as a scalable foundation for growth and development
  • Increasing user education, knowledge, and proficiency in SAP
  • Drive down customization and increase usage of standard functionality
  • Innovation opportunities that deliver self-funding value to the business
  • Continuous improvement through target setting

In addition to the business value recognized during the transformation phase, key success criteria is maintaining the governance and cadence implemented.

Our clients continue the governance, coupled with the focus on the three areas that make up our sustainment triad.

Continuous Improvements Key Elements

  • Strategic thought leadership
  • Ongoing integration advisory to answer questions and educate
  • Data mining, insights, and KPI monitoring

Growth & Development

  • Strategic and innovative projects expanding the functionality or changes to current business processes
  • Monthly education refresher session
  • Identification of self-funding projects

Knowledge Sharing

  • A community portal for all to share information, ask questions and support one another as they continue to grow and mature.

Clients Responsibility During Sustainment

  • It is also very important to acknowledge all of this is only successful if our clients take on specific responsibilities and executives need to continue to:
  • Call out strategic importance for ownership and accountability of SAP system rules and behaviors in/by the end-user community
  • Be examples of effective communication/information sharing tool across the supply chain

At Reveal, we understand that through our proven methodology, we will continue to work with our clients from the beginning to ensure we are able to sustain our relationships and the business value delivered during the project.

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