Amkor TechnologySuccess Story

Amkor TechnologySuccess Story

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Amkor Technology is a leading semiconductor product packaging and test services provider. The company was founded in 1969 and currently has 30,000 employees worldwide. Factories can be found for the organization in Japan, China, Korea and the Phillippines. Amkor’s competitiveness within the industry has solidified their place as one of the top semiconductor assemblers and testers in the world.


  • Significantly high amount of inventory was being held across the entire supply network, and service levels have been severely hampered due to the overwhelming amount of manual work being performed to keep the business running.
  • SAP® was not being leveraged to its fullest, especially MRP and the supply chain functions.
  • Master data was disorganized, not actively managed and governed
  • A significant number of customization existed that severely affected system performance and process integration


  • The oVo® methodology was deployed and roll-out to 5 regions with a heavy emphasis to re-introduce standard SAP® processes and best practices.
  • MRP was set-up and utilized effectively to automate as much of the manual transactions as possible.
  • Trust in the data and the system was established for the first time in the history of the SAP® implementation.
  • A heavy emphasis on education and change management was required to sustain the change in processes.
  • Master data became a core focus and significant attention was given to building a governance process around it to help facilitate the global and distributed environment


  • Reduce Inventory targets achieved
  • Improve supply chain Service Levels surpassed targets
  • Process Efficiency and reduced exceptions targets achieved
  • Increased data accuracy and data maturity within the integrated environment
  • Improved management information and management decision making
  • Increased visibility across the supply chain
  • The opportunity to establish real-time executive information
  • Improved control and user confidence
  • Daily disciplines, corporate policies (business rules) and governance structures established to ensure sustainability of the results.
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