Blount International

End-to-End Visibility to Supply Chain Issues and Improved Communication

Blount International, Inc. is a global manufacturer and marketer of replacement parts, equipment, and accessories for the forestry, lawn, and garden; farm, ranch, and agriculture; and concrete cutting and finishing markets and is the market leader in manufacturing saw chain and guide bars for chainsaws. Blount sells its products in more than 115 countries around the world.


  • A lack of visibility of pain points that various teams within the Supply Chain were facing. Divisions didn’t speak in a common language or understand each other’s challenges.
  • SAP has been implemented and used for over 7 years, but they were unable to achieve the fill rates of
    inventory levels they had set out to achieve.
  • Dates were not accurately maintained in the system and Master Data appeared to have gaps.
  • There was poor utilization of data.
  • Planners were unable to analyze their dead stock in a strategic manner and were unable to execute analysis and housekeeping on a daily basis


  • The Wellness Assessment took a data dive into their system to uncover Housekeeping opportunities.
    They engaged in Team Building Activities that increased employee dialogue.
  • Structured education and roadmap were put in place to achieve predetermined value and opportunities around inventory and service level improvements.
  • Change Management helped the organization understand what each division was struggling with and how they could work together to overcome common challenges.
  • Vendor Management and best practices for various transactions were introduced to the team.
  • Executives supported and participate in planning and progress meetings.


  • $6 million in reductions in inventory (with ongoing improvements being noted)
  • Inventory turns have improved from 7.1 to 8.6
  • Stability and predictability have been established in the supply chain process.
  • All users and management have been educated, certified in the Supply Chain processes.
  • Consistency throughout the planning group.
  • Organization structures have been established to ensure sustainability in the process and cultural changes that Blount underwent.


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