Improved Performance of Materials Management.


Our team and the broader upstream organization will continue to look for efficiency improvement opportunities across the supply chain. Sustaining the methodology and key element of that improvement program

Justin Burnett
VP PSCM, MM & Warehousing

BP’s Upstream segment is responsible for activities in oil and natural gas exploration, field development and production delivered through five global technical and operating functions. Reveal has worked with BP across multiple countries in delivering optimization opportunities that enhance operations.


  • Get control of end-to-end material supply chain performance as strategic imperative
  • Need to improve performance of materials management
  • Training in silos and making inefficient decisions about their work areas in disregard of other work areas
  • Past due Maintenance Orders
  • Past due Material Purchase Orders
  • Past due Stock Transport Orders
  • Operating in a reactive mode


  • Broke down the training silos and facilitated BP teams working together
  • PAT teams were educated on the end-to-end supply chain and operations to leverage SAP best practices
  • Teams were taught on how to communicate with each other using the same language and data from SAP
  • Focus now on daily exception monitoring to proactively manage real-time data
  • Improved inventory analysis capability and MRP automation
  • Workarounds have been reduced, freeing up time for teams to implement more efficient practices and add more value


  • Reviewed and updated MRP settings for 80% of materials in the deployed regions
  • Reduced past due elements by 50% driving the adoption of an exception management mindset
  • Reduced negative days of supply by 15%
  • Reduced process inefficiency and exceptions by 42%, transitioning from manual to automated MRP exception
  • Delivered detailed stocking strategy to support inventory optimization
  • Regional practitioners shifted their mindsets to business ownership and action orientation, both of which are great for morale.
  • Supporting documentation to help buyers and planners use SAP functionality to increase data accuracy, process performance and user confidence leading to better decision-making
  • Increased analytics capability and visibility across the Supply Chain


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