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Optimizing Supply Chain Efficiency Through An SAP Supply Chain Transformation

CFT Group

The governance structures introduced helped drive continuous change, performance improvement, and alignment across functional areas.

Maria Krasilowez


CFT Group embarked on a journey to improve their internal culture, inventory management, supply chain service levels, product delivery, process efficiency, and customer expectations. They successfully harnessed the SAP system to position themselves for future growth and enhance analytics, visibility, data trustworthiness, and alignment with business processes. This journey showcases CFT's commitment to innovation, efficiency, and strategic alignment, solidifying their position as an industry leader.


CFT needed to ensure data integrity for informed supply chain decision-making, enhance supply chain visibility for timely bottleneck resolution, and optimize SAP functionality for streamlined workflows and improved efficiency.


CFT Supply Chain Leaders and Business Users partnered with Reveal on a transformation journey after a Wellness Assessment to address the challenges. The CFT organization was able to put in place the governance, education, and sustainable processes to get measurable value from the SAP solutions and produce the desired business outcomes.


Reduction In Average Inventory
Achieved a 10% reduction in finished goods and sub-assemblies, despite a 27% increase in materials

Reduction in Exceptions
Exception management slashed red lights by 25% and overall exceptions by a dramatic 50%

Average Inventory On Track
On track to optimize 80% of inventory value through material management

Procure To Pay
The Procure to Pay team made significant progress in optimizing 707 materials worth $6 million during the transformation


CFT Group is a world leader in designing and manufacturing single equipment and complete lines for the Food, Beverage, Liquid Food and Non-Foods industries.


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Jul 15, 2024
Jul 15, 2024
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