What Is Different in S/4HANA v ECC in Demand, Supply Planning & MRP

Wednesday, June 15, 2022
11:00 am
Kristie Bane
Kristie Bane

S/4HANA v ECC: What is different in Demand, Supply Planning & MRP

If you are wondering what the road ahead with S/4HANA looks like for your strategic sourcing, procurement, demand planners and supply planning teams- this one is for you!  We will explore what has changed and what has not in these functional areas.

The journey to S/4HANA is what we choose to make of it. From largely technical upgrades to full reinvention of our workspaces, as planners, the world is our oyster in terms of new capabilities. Yet, for so many organizations, today looks much the same as yesterday. Come to this discussion where we will breakdown what our options are as we move into the next generation tools that support planning, sourcing, procurement and proactive exception management.

  • Maintaining the status quo is possible, except for a few key areas. We will highlight the differences that are implicit upon arrival in the S/4HANA world.
  • While maintaining the status quo is possible, so are significant improvements to the way we work.  Here we will highlight the power of S/4HANA  when combined with FIORI.
  • Change is real, change is hard and sometimes change is real hard. How should we think about the definition and transition to these new purpose built workspaces?


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